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Davis International is committed to exceptional client servicing and the health and regeneration of personal and business clients in each of two major sectors

  • global project funding or business funding
  • travel companion service - flying travel companion and other

    Meeting major project funding or business funding needs, anywhere in the world, through direct relationships with private, non-traditional funding sources.

    Funding sources are focused on:

    • prospective clients seeking $10 million USD or greater in structured finance (USD or Euro project funding) 
    • all industry sectors, e.g. energy, infrastructure, technology, health, transportation, manufacturing, medical, leisure
    • various project funding and/or business funding purposes, e.g. new development, expansion, merger and acquisition
    • economic growth of any geographic region, e.g., Africa, Americas, Asia, Australia, Europe         

    An international service targeted to those seeking greater peace of mind for themselves, family members, seniors, disabled, executive associates in foreign countries, etc. as they travel from departure city to arrival city or during a multi-day / multi-stop trips.

    We will provide a travel companion for

    • air travelers (flying travel companion) - those uncomfortable with flight travel and navigating through airports
    • sea travelers (cruise) - those seeking a companion for a senior / disabled parent wishing to enjoy a cruise vacation
    • land travelers (rail and/or driving) - those seeking a companion as they vacation or relocate. 







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