Travel Companion Service
Personal --- Individuals, Families, Seniors, Children, Relatives
                            Business --- Executives, Colleagues, Associates 
            Flying, Cruise, Driving, Vacation, Excursion, USA, International
Travel Companion Service

Individual or group, personal or business related -- personal assistant services also available.

Global service -- any U.S. or international departure city / arrival city

Servicing those seeking a trusted flying travel companion, those seeking a senior travel companion, families, disabled, vacationers, executives, those unfamiliar with international travel, those unfamiliar with the English language, etc. This is a service for those seeking personal assistance to make travel more enjoyable and secure for themselves relatives, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, et al.

Situations requiring possible travel companion services:
    • Air traveler uncomfortable traveling alone, and/or navigating airport terminals:  check-in, security, customs, baggage claim, ground transportation - flying travel companion 
    • Persons seeking air travel assistance (flying travel companion) for relatives, seniors (senior travel companion), disabled, friends, business associates and clients 
    • Parents wishing their children to visit distant relatives, summer camps, etc.
    • Cruise vacationers - senior travel companion
    • Groups seeking "group leader" to act as spokesperson with airlines, hotels, etc. 
    • First time visitors to U.S./foreign country --- business, leisure, medical, other.  Individuals simply uncertain about new country and its culture


    • Executives wishing to focus on upcoming meetings without concern for travel details - flying travel companion
    • Individuals unfamiliar with English language - flying travel companion
    • Executive wishing to meet his/her family at vacation destination without flying home first
    • Business traveler / vacationer simply seeking a trusted flying travel companion and assistant
    • Immigration related travel such as immigrant appointments at a US Consulate in a foreign country, e.g., Mexico
    • Seniors relocating to second / seasonal residence - senior travel companion 
    • Travelers and relatives seeking peace of mind
    • Drivers seeking assistance for long-distance travel - senior travel companion   
    • Personal and business situations unlimited 

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